Tuesday, September 27, 2005


My template has been corrupted and I must copy and repost everything that I want to save.


Anonymous said...

Sorry that happened. I'm glad now I can post without being a member of blogger inc. Also I realized today that I can expand the images by clicking on them. I've been a little slow, but I'm trainable.

Love your work, Dale. And admire your willingness to take on the machine from time to time. Hope you have some success before I die.

Anonymous said...

Dale,will this post without my having to join something? Let's see.

One word description of Dale Hankins, The Epiktome of Valor. Well that is three, but I can't countwhenmy fingwers are on the keyboard. Jacquelyn i

Dale Hankins said...

Dear Jacquelyn

I apologize if I am supposed to know you and have forgotten. Anyhow...your praise makes me blush.