Thursday, October 27, 2011

Disco Jibber Jabber

Sometimes I write jibberish to clear my head. Today's entry was written while listening to the group LMFAO. It is not the group's fault if none of this makes sense or is offensive. I accept full responsibility. Peace

Written While Listening to LFMAO's Album: Sorry For Party Rocking
Can't beat the thought out of your mind into mine. Wonder where you sitting on this back-beat rhythm we talking 'bout today? Would say I'm sorry, but that would only make you worry. Leading off to singing. Can you hear my song a ring ding dinging? What the funk? You can't be drunk again, can you? Yes. You be one of them kind. Left so far behind, they can't find a way to the here in now anyhow. So what? So fucking what? Never left and never will. You sing the song and I dance the beat.
Light shines in, tearing a hole within. You lose your mind, even though you never had one to find. So leave it then. Let the hand guide you to the soft within. You're hard without no doubt. Suck. Lick. Bounce. Bite. Swing low and rise up again. Shake that head and leave it beside the bed. Drive it in. Find out then, how deep it takes to make you weep. And yeah, oh yeah. Go on and smile for a mile on that road we never been on before.
I smell the slick on your skin. Who can say what might begin? Scenes in my head toss me into your bed. I slide in the dark. Lookin' for a place to park. This heart. Silly jibber jabber, I reach out and grab ya'. The red on your lip, the nip of your tit - bounce and grip me in swivel ass disco. I slide to the slit and drive to the hilt. Then we feel it. Undulation situation. Sweaty butterfly, you stutter to your flutter the moment I drain away. Lightening wired we move past tired. The beat inside will not be denied. We grind the sheets with a disco beat till the DJ has nothing left to say.

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